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    Unlike aerobic training, anaerobic training doesn’t improve endurance but strength. This type of training involves exercises that increase muscle mass. The duration of this training is much shorter than the duration of aerobic training because the goal is not to develop the ability to work out long, but to do very intensive exercises for a shorter period. The most famous type of anaerobic training is weight lifting but there are also other types of anaerobic exercises like 50-200 meters sprints, under 100 meters swimming trainings etc. Anaerobic training requires a longer warm-up than an aerobic training because muscles are more forced.


    The other difference between them are pauses to rest between exercises. In aerobic training there are no breaks or they are very short, and even then you have to jog or slow walk. In anaerobic training, however, the exercise time is very short- from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and the resting period between two exercises is double in time. This way muscles are allowed to rest a little bit but not completely. Anaerobic trainings are often practiced by professional athletes as a form of preparation for some big contests or events. These exercises help them increase their muscle mass  and have more power. Repetition of short but extremely hard exercises burns the lactic acid that is build up in the muscles.

    When it comes to weight loss, aerobic training was given the advantage because it was strongly believed that it can burn more calories than anaerobic training. However, recent researches proved anaerobic exercises to be extremely beneficial for fat burning. Since anaerobic trainings are so intense the calorie expenditure is greater and not just that- fat burning metabolic processes resume to happen even when the workout ends. These trainings are better for men because they give them exactly what they want- a strong muscular body. Women, however, tend to avoid anaerobic exercises because they do want to lose weight but without adding bulk to the muscles.

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    When conducting an anaerobic training you must be very careful not to overload your muscles. Since this training involves pushing your strength to the limits and beyond- even the slightest mistake can cause a very serious injury. That’s why engaging a personal trainer may not be such a bad idea. However, if that expenditure exceeds your budget, you can always buy an exercise guide on CD or in a book form.

    Hope this article will help you with your weight loss!